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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Borges and the Eternal Orangutans
Luis Fernando Verissimo, Margaret Jull Costa
Megan Abbott
Machine Sex...and Other Stories - Candas Jane Dorsey Liked:Death and Morning (1988)Johnny Appleseed and the New World (1985)The Prairie Warriors (1988) War and Rumours of War (1988) - a sequel to The Prairie Warriors(Learning about) Machine Sex (1988) - this is like William Gibson's Sprawl series but betterBlack Dog (1988)By Their Taste Shall Ye Know Them (1988)Willows (1986)OK:Sleeping in a Box (1988)"You'll Remember Mercury" (1988)Time Is the School in Which We Learn, Time Is the Fire in Which We Burn (1988)Disliked:Columbus Hits the Shoreline Rag (1977)the white city (1985) - this story was written entirely in lowercase letters. I consider mixed case one of the hallmarks of civilization.